High Quality Services

Thank you for visiting our site. 

We hope this list of services will meet your organizational needs for selling 

your property, packing, unpacking, decluttering, organizing, and even eliminating 

a storage unit. 

-Preparing properties to Sell or Rent Faster and at a Higher Price Point,

-Pre and Post Moving Organization, including expediting a move,

-Packing; for easier unpacking and being functional in an hour, 

-Unpacking with Organizing and Systems Development,

-Ordering and arranging delivery of packing materials,

-Organizing for Improved Quality of Life, 

-Systems Development,

-Decluttering for Enhanced Aesthetic and Rejuvenation, 

-Sensible Purging without Regret,

-Storage Unit Elimination through Whole Home Evaluation, 

-Office; papers, filing, bills, mail, space planning, systems. 

-Small Space Planning, and General Space Planning,

-Change of Use of a Room,

-Organizing Children and Teens for Schoolwork, Tests, Personal Activities,

-Shopping for the projects.


Value Point Pricing

We are committed to fair pricing and best value. 

By working creatively, skillfully, with focus,  and not wasting time, 

we save you money and time, with caring, efficient, quality service

at a fair price. Please contact us to discuss your project!  

We listen and problem solve. 

Initial phone call; gratis 

$60/hour for all services

Accepting: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Cash, Credit Cards


11th hour free w 10 hours in one week, 

plus your 4ocean bracelet

15% discount on 40 hours prepay,

plus your 4ocean bracelet

Travel packages available; arrangements made by project.

Gift Certificates available, with responsible follow up scheduling.